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    Three Interior Upgrades that will Add Value to Your Aircraft

    Give your aircraft second life with an interior upgrade. By refurbishing the interior it can make your aircraft feel brand new, and improve the journey for your passengers or increase the buyers’ value.

    Adding value to your aircraft can be done in three interior upgrades, starting with the area that shows the first wear and tear, the carpets. The spot that wears the most is the “turn spot,” where a person enters the aircraft, places his/her foot and then turns left to the cockpit or right to the cabin. Replacing the carpet provides a big improvement at a relatively low cost.

    The most used seats (or Chairman’s Seat) normally shows wrinkles in the seat pans, making it look worn. Whether leather or fabric upholstery, we can custom design your seats, with the foam built to your comfort, and give your cabin a complete overhaul. If you are working on a tight budget, we can refurbish a single component, matching the upholstery to what you currently have.

    Electronics and instruments have always been part of the cockpit but in recent years, electronics in the cabin has become equally important. Some years ago it was all about the Sat Phone; today it is all about WiFi and staying connected. If a cabin refurbishment is underway for other reasons, it’s a good time to replace or update a Cabin Management System.

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